Quote of the Week

“The 100 percent of the consumption of the city of Greensburg is from alternative energy, the wind…. It’s not an issue of whether it’s Democrat or Republican, or up or down or about right or left. It’s about out our issue to leave legacy for future generations.”

– Greensburg, Kan., Mayor Bob Dixson (R)

Federal Court Finds Colorado Renewable Energy Standard Constitutional

DENVER – In a major victory for renewable energy and for states’ power to expand clean energy development, the federal District Court for the District of Colorado today affirmed the Colorado Renewable Energy Standard (RES), rejecting attacks based on the federal dormant Commerce Clause. The Court dismissed a lawsuit brought in 2011 that challenged the READ MORE…

Got Water? Wind Energy is Dry Energy.

With our states jn the grip of an epic drought, it’s time to think seriously about the incredible amount of water used to generate our electricity. Click our graphic to learn more about how wind energy can save water for other life-sustaining uses.


A Vote Against Wind is a Vote Against Kansas

Kansas lawmakers are facing down an anti-wind campaign, funded by polluter looking to protect their pocketbooks. Their campaign has been filled with dirty tricks, misrepresentations, and political intimidation — but Kansas’ legislators are following the facts about wind power in America’s windiest state. They know that a vote against wind is a vote against Kansas!


Wind Power is No Longer ”Alternative Energy”

The following editorial was presented in the April 13, 2014 edition of The Oklahoman, penned by Curt Roggow. Roggow, of Hillsdale, Oklahoma, is the Oklahoma public policy director for The Wind Coalition, a nonprofit association that encourages development of wind energy resources in the south-central United States. He is a former Republican member of the READ MORE…